Breathe in and breathe out.Relentless cloudbursts meet the ground,End all the thirsts but forget my drought.Alarming thunderstorms and horrible sounds,Tortuous paths guarded by vicious houndsHave all held me away from the great florescence.Eternal, is it? Or some transient consequence? I, slowly and gradually, forget to bloom; I forget to bud.Nonetheless, I pray for the sun… Continue reading CHERRY BLOSSOMS ON MY LAND

SEVEN, The Sins/The Virtues

A representation of Dante's Hell Met Asmodeus last night, he kindled my desires.Rest lies in oblivion; will I be smothered in fire?From the grasp of lust, ensuing rapes/beastiality,Is there a way back to innocence, a way to chastity? How much is too much? Tell me, O Beelzebub!Is it true, I'll be overfed on rats, toads,… Continue reading SEVEN, The Sins/The Virtues

The Last Day

As I see the dark through my closed eyes, As the uproar of numbing silences rise, As I no more sense the cold hard ground, I begin my journey beyond these bounds. Out of the nothingness, I sense lamenting, Screaming and crying, solacing, repenting. As the lady clutches my perished skin, Her eyes fill up,… Continue reading The Last Day

A Trip To The Past

The small, dusky home and its ill-lit roomsSaw my rise, the dawn of my childhood.The snuggly cold and brutally safe groundSaw my first steps and the way I fell down.The walls have ears and they also have eyes,They've heard me laugh and have seen me cry.From my folks waving me bye on my first day… Continue reading A Trip To The Past