Stripped to the Bones

One layer off And I hear 'em Whispering Vile and brutal Second off And I see 'em Sniggering The evil grin Strip to my skin And I feel 'em  Scanning each scar  Chiseled Etched Slashed In my bones Bleak Cold Barren A lifeless frame Stripped to the bones Yet donned with Thousand layers of Foreign … Continue reading Stripped to the Bones



The moment you place me in the coffin,My lungs give up, my lungs give out. As the saddest of lullabies find their way to my heart,My last tear spills, my last tear dries. The moment you shut the door on my face,The dark torments, the dark consumes me. And lastly, as you put the final… Continue reading INK OF IMMORTALITY



In and out,I breathe calmly.Hugging the sheets, I dream.Rainbows and horses,Springs and woods.Of life crawling in troops. In and out,I breathe rapidly.The little girl swayingOn the clanky swing outsideCalls me. Shouts my name.Loud, deafening shrieks. Left and right,I weigh the darkness.Frozen in bed, numbness surges.The old skulls strike my window.BAM! The glass cracks.More skulls and… Continue reading SHADOWS


I hope it reaches you..

Dear Aunt Becca, I hope you remember the first time you held me in your arms. I was too young to be able to record that memory but I hope you did. I hope you remember the first time you rocked my cot for it would've been, I'm sure, quite a significant moment of our… Continue reading I hope it reaches you..